Blocknative Announces Transaction Boost: A Tool for MEV Protection while Preserving Transaction Observability

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Transaction-Boost enables wallets and dapps to enhance end-user experience by protecting their end users from frontrunning and sandwiches while maintaining observability for in-flight transaction status.

Remotely, August 23, 2023 - Blocknative launches Transaction Boost, an MEV protection aggregator that protects privacy while providing real-time status updates. Now, users don’t have to sacrifice observability and transparency to protect themselves from MEV. To solve this, Blocknative launched Transaction Boost: an aggregator and real-time status updates for all your MEV protection needs. 

2023 saw a rapidly expanding awareness of MEV and a widespread desire to minimize its harmful effects. Now, more and more users are seeking out ways to protect their trades from sandwiching and frontrunning bots. As a result, private transactions have quickly risen in popularity the past few months, with roughly 10% of all Ethereum transactions now being sent privately—a 2x increase from last quarter. However, as it currently stands, users that send their transactions privately have very limited visibility into their transaction status – something they’ve grown accustomed to with the transparency of the public mempool. 

Transaction Boost combines the MEV protection of private transactions with Blocknative’s powerful mempool observability platform so users always know the status of their in-flight transactions.

Blair Marshall, Product Manager at Blocknative, said, “Private transactions are on the rise making up 10-20% of block space at any given time. However, there are a number of problems with private transaction services. We are launching Transaction Boost to meet the challenges that wallets and their end-users face, starting with an easy-to-use and robust observability standard. Using Transaction Boost, Wallets can provide the same real-time status updates to their end-users' private transactions as they already do for public transactions. Users can leverage Transaction Boost just like any other RPC out there, but with more customizability on which OFAs or builders receive their transaction while having real-time status updates. Now you don't have to decide between MEV-Share, MEV-Blocker and any other OFA out there - maximize your chance at a MEV-rebate and send to all of them at once!”

Blocknative, envisions a world where working with pre-chain data is as straightforward and accessible as possible so your users can transact with confidence. With Transaction Boost, Blocknative has taken care of the intricacies, so your team can focus on delivering innovative and superior user experiences. 

Transaction Boost isn’t just another tool. It’s a commitment to users, making sure they remain protected from MEV without compromising on the quality of their experience. Get started today by checking out Blocknative’s docs here.

If you have any questions, join Blocknative’s Discord server where their engineers are happy to help.



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Blocknative MEV-aware infrastructure delivers observability and control to all stages of the transaction lifecycle because MEV lurks in the mempool. Blocknative helps web3 users transact with confidence and see into the future by democratizing access to the pre-chain layer so users price, preview, and monitor transactions. As a block builder and relay operator, Blocknative plays a core role in constructing the Ethereum blockchain. Blocknative helps inform and power such forward-thinking projects as Lido, MetaMask, imToken, Curve, Balancer, Ethereum, Polygon, and hundreds of others.

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