Now you can know what will happen next. 

Every second, hundreds of new transactions appear in the mempool. Many of these involve opaque internal transactions. 
Blocknative Simulation Platform simulates, in real-time, every marketable transaction against the current block state. It calculates the likely outcome of these transactions.
Simulation Platform lets you know what will happen next. You can protect your protocol. You can trade with an edge. And more.
Currently available on Ethereum Mainnet. 
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A net-new capability for the Ethereum ecosystem.

A new level of protocol security.

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Trade with an edge.

For Traders

Detailed payloads.

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Built to be integrated.


High scale. Low latency. Unmatched completeness.

What others are


Dan Elitzer

If you’re a builder or user of DeFi protocols and you aren’t paying attention to the mempool, you’re flying blind.


Blocknative continues to democratize access to the mempool and its secrets.

The new Simulation Platform is incredible. With new traders coming in everyday looking for profit opportunities in #Ethereum this tool will get them up to speed really fast.

@ ianIDEO

All Ethereum-based DeFi teams should utilize this simulation platform to intercept attacks before they happen via the mempool.

Aleks Larsen
@ _alekslarsen

The rise of MEV brings big challenges in how to defend yourself in the dark forest. Blocknative's new Simulation Platform is a big step forward for protocols and traders - it simulates the entire mempool in real time to help guard against malicious txs and spot profit opps.

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"Fast and reliable access to mempool data is an indispensable part of blockchain infrastructure for trading, research, contract execution, compliance, and more. But the difficulty in global node operations, network optimization, and mining pool collaboration necessitates a dedicated, expert solution. We are long-term users and partners of Blocknative and thrilled to be part of this round to explore even more usage of mempool data.”

Ricky Li Co-Founder, Altonomy

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