The Blocknative Advantage:
Build Better, Trade Smarter, Win More

The competition for on-chain confirmation is fierce.

Your transactions compete against thousands of others to get included in the next block.

Read on to learn how Blocknative's industry-leading global data platform offers unprecedented end-to-end transaction resolution — powering profit for traders and transparency for builders.

How our enterprise-grade data platform
is designed, developed, and delivered:

1. We operate a global node network.

To assemble a census-level view of the global mempool, Blocknative operates a global network of blockchain nodes. Our unique node network detects new transactions near their point of origin and then monitors their propagation across the global peer-to-peer network. 


2. We run multiple client types.

We operate Geth, OpenEthereum/Parity, and archive nodes. Different clients have different characteristics, and behave differently under load. Our client diversity helps ensure that we maintain an accurate view of global mempool conditions while also providing operational redundancy. 

3. We run our nodes in a variety of configurations.

Our node configurations reflect the 'narrower' mempools that comprise mining pools as well as the 'wider' mempools typical of block explorers. This is critical as node configuration directly impacts mempool behavior, particularly during periods of network congestion. 


4. We optimize our peering relationships.

The nodes in our network coordinate in efforts to maintain unique peering relationships, as well as avoid peering with each other. This helps ensure that our platform sees as much of the network as possible. Our objective is to detect every state change for every in-flight transaction, regardless of point of origin, block state, or network conditions. 

5. We develop custom node telemetry extensions.

Our nodes run custom telemetry extensions built to reveal the inner workings of both the peer-to-peer network and mempools themselves. Our platform delivers unmatched  resolution because it detects dozens of unique events for every in-flight transaction.

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6. We offer powerful interfaces.

We provide industry-leading tools – including Mempool Explorer and web3's most accurate ETH gas tracker  – that make building and trading with our global data platform simple, efficient, and accessible. 

7. We maintain multiple levels of redundancy.

Our network has built-in monitoring and redundancy at the geographic, network, server, and application levels. We strive to deliver consistent full operational capacity even during periods of extreme network conditions.  

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8. We provide proactive customer support.

We actively support each of our products. Join our Discord Community to engage with our development team and get your questions answered quickly. 

9. We publish detailed documentation.

Our robust and regularly-updated developer documentation makes it easy for your team to get started quickly. We also offer quick start video tutorials via our YouTube channel

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10. We actively maintain our libraries.

Our team maintains our suite of products to ensure compatibility with this rapidly changing ecosystem. Members of the ecosystem regularly make contributions to our open source libraries

11. We build value-add services.

We create new tools — like our ETH gas API Gas Platform and Ethereum Simulation Platform — that leverage our robust infrastructure and mempool data archive. Transact with confidence with Blocknative.


The Blocknative Advantage:
Build Better, Trade Smarter, Win More

Our global data platform offers unprecedented end-to-end transaction resolution — powering profit for traders and transparency for builders.

To accomplish this, we do all of the above. And more.

Experience the Blocknative Advantage for yourself by going hands-on with our platform today.


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